miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

well i'll be updating more...

more miley cyrus exact cloth everything is exact

dress- shopbop $395
heels- bergdorf goodman- 680
handbag- eLuxury -700 (Louis Vuitton)

anna sui

anna sui- dress

coat-French connection 149

dress- anna sui

boots- steve madden $199

handbag-Louis Vuitton-$700

jeans-revolve clothing 189

gypsy $132

Ashely and Vanessa blue babes

They’ve always been fans of swanky industry events, so it’s no wonder Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were spotted living it up at the LG Rumorous Night last night (April 28).
The “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” hotties both sported their own interpretation of blue dresses, though Miss Hudgens definitely got a little riskier with her look.

Miley Cyrus exact cloth

luisa beccaria skirt
skirt luisa beccaria
tank- american apparel
necklace- Lulu Frost $450

boots-frye $288

leather jacket -bebe $129

headband- topshop $5

bag.-shopbop $428-Marc Jacobs

sweatshirt - topshop $30

Uggs $100

Blouse H&M

sandals: Shoebunny

missoni, exact color not available

bebe $ 49

Shoebunny-azzedine alaia python gladiator sandals

Shopbop- Marc Jacobs $428

Bloomingdales $428 Marc Jacobs

here are some Miley Cyrus exact cloth. enjoy

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

Miley misses Nick ??

Well since Miley is with Justin she looks less happy, i wouldnt say un-happy, but is obvious she misses Nick, they still keep in touch: go to lunch and even go to his house but she needs to decide JUSTIN or Nick??

with justin she is always far away from him , she's always looking somewhere else, but no justin, I invite you to check miley and justin pics, and in most of them Miley seems to be in other planet

Niley ready for the come back??? and make out session over the JONAS house

It seems that Miley wants to come back with Nick and so do him... but the only problem is JUSTIN, how could Miley tell him that she wants to come back with her EX, even though Miley is denying this rumor, an insider told that Miley was over the JONAS house , and even though

the parents have a rule when a girl is over, the door has to be open, but that didnt stopped Nick and Miley for kissing

Miley chooses.. NICK or JUSTIN

It seems that Miss cyrus has a difficult desicion to make... Justin or NIck

but according to her tweets she wants to come back with nick , and she nly considers Justin a friend, but according to Justin's twitter he wrote: I gave you my heart freely you cant go and break it that way...

sO... poor Miley , how she'd tell Justin she loves her ex??? but well seems justin sooner will be substituted by our Nick Jonas!!1

Camilla Belle Beverly Hills hottie

Joe Jonas' girlfriend Camilla Belle strolled around Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon. Do YOU think she misses Joe while he lives it up with The Veronicas in Australia? Photos: WENN. 2+
NOTE: According to Hollywood Scoop, Kevin Jonas was spotted entering the maternity ward Cedars Sinai Hospital early Saturday morning. Could Kevin be a godfather now [To Sarah's baby]?

Demi Lovato floral dress

Miley : My skin is my biggest insecurity

Miley Cyrus leaving Luton airport pictures. Miley revealed to J-14 her biggest insecurity is her 'terrible skin. I think even though people always see me with makeup I still break out, even though everyone thinks I don't. And I hate it! I'm the worst at dealing with zits.

And I get in such a bad mood when I break out and all I can think is that people are only looking at my skin!'Mom Tish added, 'Really, Miley is pretty insecure. This is just a hard age for her and everybody gets zits, but when seh gets a zit, it's for the whole world to see.'Miley now has a battle plan for her bad skin, 'I now use all organic products. I think just getting all those chemicals out of your body is the best thing.'

Selena Gomez hugging Taylor Lautner

Selena Gomez hugging rumored boyfriend Taylor Lautner at the Cactus Club in Coquitlam. According to Lainey Gossip, Taylor and Selena Gomez had a dinner date at the Cactus club on Saturday night: They emerged in great spirits, both with big smiles on their faces, Selena held on to Taylor's arm. At one point, after they had become separated and she fell behind to sign autographs, she ran back up to join him, throwing her arms around his neck, both bursting into giggles.

Taylor Swift Sugar Magazine

Taylor Swift covers the June 2009 issue of UK's Sugar

Joe jonas Australia Vacation Dinner Date with Lisa: Church and Zoo

Joe Jonas appears to have had a very relaxing and pleasurable vacation in Sydney, Australia with his hosts The Veronicas, Jess and Lisa. On Sunday, he went to church and out to dinner with Lisa. According to JonasHQ, Joe has left Australia.

.Blog: Hope you are all doing great. We have finished our new CD and TV show. We are now enjoying some much needed time off. It is amazing to stop and rest but we can't stop thinking about how much we want to sing and perform our new songs for you this year.

Next week will be the premiere of our new Disney Channel TV show, JONAS. We really hope you love it. We worked hard on it. There will be a lot of new stuff coming your way in the next few weeks. There will be some real surprises. Keep checking back for updates on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SayNow..

Adrienne Bailon OBSESSED Screener

Self-proclaimed 'first Latina on Disney Channel' Adrienne Bailon hit up the after party of a special 'Obsessed' screening at Bowery Hotel last week in New York City.Slow day, where do you think Miley is?

Denise Jonas talks who would she like to marry her sons

What kind of girl would you like to see them end up with? I hope they find girls who respects them. I think that a girl has to not be all about herself and has to understand that there are times when there are other priorities. She has to be flexible. Otherwise, with the life that she would lead, or with anyone that works to hard, you need to be flexible. They're just great guys. They'd be great boyfriends for any girl.' Do YOU think Camilla fits Mama J's girlfriend profile?


What were the boys like as babies? Oh boy! Kevin wouldn't wake up to eat. He was just so sleepy. And Joe had an adorable face, my husband's grandmother would always say, 'Joseph is too pretty to be a boy.' He used to take the buster and turn it upside down and push it around because he liked the way it sounded.